Becoming a Style Icon On a Budget

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Do you feel outdated at parties because your friends can all afford to raid Topshop every week, yet you can’t? It’s a sad truth that people wearing the latest trends get more compliments out and about than those who don’t – but fret not! There is a way you can develop your own personal style, it costs much less than splurging every time you go out and you will look and feel better for it.

Less is more

Think about it, somebody who buys a new piece every week is never going to wear everything in their wardrobe. You can buy the trendiest stuff but without cohesion, most of it will go to waste. Think about your personal tastes and what colours and styles you enjoy. Isn’t it better to have a few pieces you adore, rather than a collection of odds and ends that once were in fashion? Ensure you invest in clothes that go together. You will soon have a mix and match wardrobe that you can create a ton of outfit combinations with and best of all one that is full of things you like.


Learn what suits you

Look at any famous style icon. Take Kim Kardashian for example, she has a classic look, one that is timeless. This is because she wears what suits her and works it. For Kim, it is mostly neutral colours and pieces that hug her hourglass figure. Identify your body type. If you’re curvy, high-waist bottoms will show off your assets. Those of you who are slim can totally pull off fitted jumpsuits and dresses. Trends may catch eyes, but if you are sporting something that compliments your body and skin tone, you will always turn heads.

Visit charity shops...a lot

Vintage looks are storming the high street and if that’s what you’re in to, visit charity shops once a week. It’s a lucky dip but if you persevere, you can find a completely unique, authentic piece for pennies.


Don't turn your nose up at cheaper alternatives

Brands like Primark and New Look often get looked down upon for not being as high-end as say, Urban Outfitters. That doesn’t mean they don’t have great, trend-aware designers working for them. If you must have a latest piece, double check these names before splurging at more expensive places.

Take stock of what you already have

You see someone rocking a new outfit and chances are you immediately start hating your entire wardrobe. But there must be pieces in there you bought because you liked them! Do a wardrobe spring clean and think about all the clothes carefully. What pieces bring you joy? What fits you properly? What reflects you personally? What makes you feel good? On the other hand, what have you never worn? What was an impulse buy? Once you know what you have, you will know what you need and can make informed choices on what to buy next.


Mix it up

Are you a jewellery hoarder? Maybe you love make-up or doing your hair. You can make your wardrobe appear much more versatile by accessorising or switching your beauty regime up. Make an outfit more suitable for a date by doing soft, glowy make-up, then transform it into a party look with some winged eyeliner and your hoops. There’s a ton of make-up and hair tutorials online, by names such as Jaclyn Hill, Kathleen Lights and Kate, the lady behind The Small Things Blog.


Text | Stacey Wylie

Photography | Alex Munro

Models | Yasmin Main | Maisie Main

Styling & Art direction | Leticia Curteis-Lateo

Wardrobe | Loot vintage | Topshop | Asos | Urban Outfitters