When do you grow out of student life?

Boys will be Boys


From living life up as students with no care in the world, it seems as if the giving a sh*t doesn’t just happen overnight (now they are no longer students). From turning up to lectures when you feel like it, too a full-time job can be intense. Does it mean that cleaning up goes straight out of the window? It seems that way for this house for sure. Stereotypically boys can be messier than girls, as they seem to be able to tolerate living in a mess and for some reason it doesn’t bother them. Yet girls can seem high maintenance because they won’t put up with the mess.



Generally it is gross, don’t you agree? Obviously it doesn’t bother the residents at this house, good on them. As I certainly wouldn’t be able to deal with it. We can all let mess pile up at some point by not putting clothes or dishes away immediately. However this seems like the general state of the house day to day. Just because they are boys, does that excuse this behaviour? If a girl was living like this and people entered the house, they would be shocked. Yet you may see this and think ‘boys will be boys’.

Boys will be boys is an excuse that allows it to be socially acceptable that they care less. Perhaps it has been this way for so long they don’t notice it. It wouldn’t surprise me if a rat walked through their living room and I doubt they would even notice. I am not saying all boys are like this and if you are male and are disgusted then I apologise for mainly aiming this at boys.


Somehow its acceptable when you are a student, just moved out and still learning. Now they are turning into grown men with full time jobs I think their mentality on how they live should change too. Any girl can come in and tidy up the place, although I doubt they’d keep it that way. Then they’d just expect it for the rest of their lives, relying on someone, meaning lifelong laziness and barely being able to function without their other half tidying up for them.

Unless they want bacteria and a stench of funk being around forever, I think these ‘men’ need to get their act together.



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